That sounds like a great plan until the unexpected is not what you expected it to be.

The markets imploded again at the open and took us out of all our positions. This is shaping up to be a miserable month but at least there is plenty of month left.

The warnings from China about their coming "one-two punch" to control inflation was not exactly what the markets expected. What they did expect was a rate hike and some strong words about how they were confident inflation would be controlled. So the markets had priced in a potential rate hike but were blindsided by the "plan to fix prices on commodities" to keep inflation in check.

Setting the price of a commodity is a communist tactic. It never works because an immediate black market blossoms to get around the fixed price. It does cause havoc in the global economy because it artificially lowers the price of that commodity to other countries. Why should we pay $1400 for gold when China is paying $1250? Insert wheat, corn, cotton, coal, etc as your commodity of choice in that last sentence.

Add in the sudden flare up of the debt problem in Greece, Ireland, Portugal and possibly Spain and the dollar suddenly seemed like a safe haven currency even in the midst of QE2.

I have been warning readers of the various publications for the last six weeks that the "short dollar, long commodity trade" was going to end badly when the dollar suddenly finds a reason to rally. Well the dollar has rallied over the last few days to a two-month high. That creates a lot of pain for those short the greenback. Add in the pain from the suddenly plunging commodities and they are taking hits from both sides of the trade.

I considered reentering positions again tonight because the markets came to a dead stop on support at 11000 and 1175. With my money I can take that risk. With your money I can't after a painful first two weeks of November I am electing to stand aside tonight and see what tomorrow may bring. There is always plenty of time for another trade.

Jim Brown

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