The recent rally in First Solar has pushed the stock to $32 over our strike. I am recommending we close that play on Friday for a nice profit.

I changed a couple stop losses and added targets for each play. The low on the First Solar option was 22-cents today so we should be able to exit the play at the open on Friday for a nice profit. I want to exit the play regardless of the price.

F5 Networks finally found some traction and sprinted past $115 on its second day of strong gains. That play is now active and let's hope the F5 rally continues.

The events in Egypt are weighing on the market but the positive economics are providing support. If/When Mubarak resigns we should see a decent spike higher.

The wild card here is the payroll report on Friday. It will be seasonally adjusted for the terminated holiday workers but there will not be any adjustment for weather. That means the number could be well away from the estimates. Fortunately all the recent economic reports have shown a sharp increase in hiring so let's hope that offsets the blizzards.

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