I hate to enter new positions on a gap open. Fortunately today was not a gap an crap but more of a gap and consolidate.

Entering positions on a gap open is almost always the kiss of death. Gaps have a tendency to evaporate after the opening short covering ends and that leaves us with skinny premiums on the entry and inflated premiums on the close.

Fortunately today's market did not give back all its gains. Yes, it faded slightly into the close but held its gains at new highs. This kind of action in an over extended market is actually bullish to some extent because it shows there are buyers chasing stocks and suggests the dips will continue to be bought.

On our new positions CRM and FCX gapped open only to roll over and head back to negative territory. Both are still in safe territory but I question holding any stock that is not positive on a +75 point day. We will keep them one more day and then decide if we need to bail.

Check the new stop losses in the portfolio graphic.

Jim Brown

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