Today's rally was purely short covering on low volume and it did not have any conviction.

The morning short squeeze ended at 11:30 and the markets faded into the close. There was no volume and no conviction and I am afraid we are going to visit support again before the end of the week.

They blamed the rally on the miniscule drop in crude prices but it was more of a short squeeze prompted by the strong outlook from Bank of America. That spiked the Dow and the financial sector and got the rally off to a decent start. With all the bears loading up on Monday's decline any minor spike was enough to squeeze the shorts.

The drop in crude prices overnight was enough to knock NOV to our stop loss at the open to take us out of that position. Of course it rebounded to close flat for the day when oil prices rebounded.

I am not adding any more positions because of the volatility and lack of market direction.

Jim Brown

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