The market is struggling despite its gains today. While I would love to see a continued move higher we have to protect ourselves from the possibility of a decline.

I am not adding new plays with the Nasdaq still battling resistance at 2800 and the S&P still struggling with 1333 although it did close slightly higher today. I did raise the stop losses on several plays just in case disaster strikes.

The Russell and Dow are at new highs but the Nasdaq continues to lag and suggests there may be some lingering selling pressure. I do believe if the Nasdaq moves over 2800 (closed at 2799.82) with any volume we will get a major spring higher.

Check the portfolio graphic for new stops.

First Solar was stopped out on Monday for an expensive loss when the solar sector suddenly reversed its prior trend.

Molycorp plunged -3.43 today but that was only half of the gains it made on Friday so we are still ok there.

CF lost -3.23 based on Monsanto earnings but it was also up strongly the prior two days so we are still ok there as well.

Citrix came very close to being stopped with a -2.50 plunge but missed our stop by 27 cents before rebounding.

Keep your fingers crossed the Nasdaq breaks through that 2800 level because that will do a lot for market sentiment.

Jim Brown

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