The slow uptrend grind finally overcame bearish resistance and a real breakout appeared.

Every index I follow broke out over multi-month resistance on Wednesday and it would appear the bulls are finally showing up to the party. Volume increased and earnings misses were ignored. Economics improved in Germany, China and the U.S. and miner BHP Billiton (BHP) said there was no sign of steel demand slowing from China. Greece said it expects to have an agreement with the private sector bond holders by this weekend. Good news is breaking out all over and the markets have posted their best January to date since 1987.

Energy stocks are in rally mode as well as semiconductors, materials, financials, techs, etc. The rally has gone from sector specific on a daily basis to broad based. Best of all it did NOT happen on a monster gap higher at the open. After a decent start to the day the indexes showed nice steady progress all day. For a change there was no gap and crap.

I hesitate to jump into a suddenly frothy market but I do like the breakout. I am going to add another play today to our very profitable portfolio. With almost every company reporting earnings in the next two weeks there is not a lot to choose from.

We also have one expiring. The McDermott combination play is going to expire slightly in the money on the put side. We could take a minor loss and just exit the put before expiration but I want to also recover the call premium on the other side of the trade. I believe MDR has found a bottom and support appears to be holding. I am going to recommend we let the put be exercised and take possession of the stock. At $11.50 it is not going to break the bank. With the energy sector improving the odds are pretty good we will see an eventual rebound in MDR and we can recover the roughly $2 we have invested.

Jim Brown

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MDR - McDermott (Long Call, Short Put)

The MDR Jan $15 Call is going to expire worthless at a cost of $1.70. The MDR Jan $14 Put will expire about $2 in the money. I recommend we allow the put to be exercised and take possession of the stock.

We will own the stock with a cost of $15.05 with the stock trading at $11.84 today. That cost includes the cost of the call and the premium received on the put. Next week we will sell a February call against the position to further reduce our cost.

Take no action on the MDR combination position.

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MMR - McMoran Energy (Short Put)

McMoran Energy reported earnings on Tuesday of 16-cents compared to analyst estimates for a -13 cent loss. There was a onetime gain involved of $39 million from settlement of some storm damage claims. MMR realized an average gas price of $3.57 per mcf from its Gulf properties and $111.46 per barrel of oil.

The company also guided significantly higher on production to 155 mmcfe per day from analyst estimates of 128.9 mmcfepd for Q1. McMoran also said those estimates could be raised again once the Davy Jones 1 well currently being completed comes on production in Q1.

Shares of MMR rallied +4% on the news to resistance at $14. As long as oil prices don't implode I believe MMR will punch through that resistance because of anticipation of a gusher when the Davy Jones well comes online.

Do not enter this position unless MMR and the SPX are both positive at the open.

Sell short Feb MMR $12.00 Put, currently 0.76 cents, stop loss $12.95

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