This is expiration week and time has run out. Time to close our driller position.

We have a combination position on Transocean that included a long insurance put with an April strike. I am recommending we close that position at the open on Friday rather than let it expire in the money.

We started this position on expectations that BP, RIG and others involved in the Deepwater Horizon disaster would settle the suit rather than go to trial. Unfortunately when the settlement was announced it was only a partial settlement by BP for $7.8 billion with the thousands of individuals and businesses suing for reimbursement.

The larger suit by the government to determine liability was postponed. The judge has set a date of May 3rd to discuss the potential for going to trial. He wants to know if the parties are closer to a settlement on that portion of the liability or will there be a need to actually schedule the trial again. If the trial start is rescheduled it would probably be within 90 days since all parties were ready a month ago when it was postponed.

I firmly believe Transocean will escape with minimal liability and most of that liability should be indemnified by BP based on the contracts. The judge has ruled against BP on multiple occasions that the indemnity was valid. BP will try to assign blame and prove gross negligence against Transocean in an effort to void the indemnity. Nobody really expects them to succeed but with $25 billion in fines and damages hanging on the outcome they at least have to try.

Meanwhile the drilling sector is heating up. There is a shortage of rigs that could grow to 20% by 2013. Rig rates are rising. Noble Corp (NE) posted strong earnings that rose more than 100% to 47-cents on Thursday compared to analyst estimates of 42-cents. Diamond Offshore (DO) also beat with earnings of $1.21 versus estimates of 99-cents. Transocean does not report until May 3rd.

I am going to recommend we leave the short put side of the play open. The sector appears to be improving and Transocean received good news last week from Brazil when the Chevron trial was moved to another jurisdiction and away from the crusading prosecutor. I am going to put a stop loss on the position just in case.

With market alternating between triple digit up and down days I am not going to add any new plays. Cash is a position.

Jim Brown

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Current positions

Current Position Changes

BK - Bank of New York (Short Put/Long Call)

Both sides of this position were closed at the open on Monday as recommended in the weekend newsletter.

Closed Long 2013 $20 Call, entry $3.30, @ $4.35, +1.05 gain.
Closed Short 2013 $20 Put, entry $3.90, @ $1.53, +2.37 gain.

YHOO - Yahoo (Closed Long Call)

I should have left the call open because news this week pushed the stock higher. However, we know that earnings can just as easily cause severe drops. I wanted to escape the play without the risk and we did have a small gain.

Closed long YHOO April $14 Call, entry $2.59, currently 0.97, -$1.62 loss.
We previously close the short put side for a $2.04 profit. Net +0.42 gain.

RIG - Transocean Offshore (Close expiring put)

Close expiring April $55 put, entry $1.32, currently $4.75, +3.43 gain.

UGA - US Gasoline ETF (Close Expiring put)

The gasoline ETF has declined in value over the last week because of the decline in oil prices. We are still highly profitable and I expect oil prices to rise on Friday. The WTI futures expire and nobody is going to want to go into the weekend short crude when Israel can attack Iran at any time.

However, the ETF is right on our strike at $55. Close the put at the open to avoid any further decline.

Close Short UGA April $55 Put, entry $2.35, currently $0.50, gain +1.85

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BK - Bank of New York Mellon (Long Term)

YHOO - Yahoo (Long Term Combo)

GLD - Gold ETF (Short Put)

EXXI - Energy XXI (LT Covered Call)

UGA - US Gasoline ETF (Short Put)

RIG - Transocean (Short Put Spread)

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