8:11:02 PM EDT | 12/8/2010
Excellent November
By Jim Brown | Despite the negative trend for most of the month we ended with a nice profit once again.

12:02:44 AM EDT | 11/4/2010
Good Way To End October
By Jim Brown | A bullish charge is always appreciated when your short puts.

2:08:32 AM EDT | 9/8/2010
Profits Better Than Losses
By Jim Brown | After a rocky month we ended with a nice gain and that is all that counts.

2:06:48 AM EDT | 7/29/2010
Not Bad Considering
By Jim Brown | There was some severe volatility in July and if you didn't pick the right days to enter the rest of the month was a killer.

1:21:24 AM EDT | 7/11/2010
June Positive Despite Crash
By Jim Brown | There was about ten days of positive market in June and we capture profits before the decline.

1:09:10 AM EDT | 7/11/2010
Market Crash Costly
By Jim Brown | The market drop in May caught us with a couple of plays that proved costly.

9:17:19 PM EDT | 5/1/2010
Volatility Did Not Hurt April Results
By Jim Brown | April ended with two weeks of triple digit ranges on the Dow but we were safely in cash and waiting for the May decline.

6:23:05 PM EDT | 4/1/2010
March Exits With A Bang
By Jim Brown | The market rally in March allowed us to capture plenty of profits.

10:52:35 PM EDT | 2/28/2010
Triple Digit Ranges Tough To Trade
By Jim Brown | February ended with a thud with a triple digit move every day of the last week.

2:13:51 AM EDT | 2/2/2010
January Wrap Up
By Jim Brown | We came really close to exiting January with a profit despite the dozen of so days of high volatility and gap open markets.

5:48:30 PM EDT | 1/25/2010
Green Light For A Decline
By Jim Brown | If market sentiment remains bearish we are setup for a profitable month end.

11:28:52 PM EDT | 1/1/2010
Another Successful Month
By Jim Brown | We had a successful December despite the volatility. The total profit for December was just over $9. If you traded one contract of everything you made $900 less commissions. Five contracts $4500, etc.

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